10 reasons why working at Rainbird is awesome

Thursday 24 September 2015


So, recently I asked my fellow Rainbirders what the best bits are about working here, and they gave me so many answers I’ve had to condense them down to ten!

So, recently I asked my fellow Rainbirders what the best bits are about working here, and they gave me so many answers I’ve had to condense them down to ten! We know it sounds cheesy, but we really are a happy little bunch…

The Rainbird office and garden – Every one of us chipped in with building furniture, moving desks, painting, sanding and cleaning the new office. We’re really proud of it and it feels like our own space that we have all worked hard on. You’ll often find us in the ‘garden’, working together at the benches, having lunch, chilling out on the deckchairs – not to mention the super competitive table tennis tournaments that go on!

Total transparency – There are no secrets here. Everyone from our CEO down is kept in the loop about where we are with client projects, development, the diary, and all aspects of the business. To quote Clare: ‘Knowing and being included in discussions about where the company is going makes me feel inspired to do whatever I can to help us get there, and demonstrates to me that we’re all trusted and valued as employees’.

Attitude is more important than experience – Of course, skills are important too, but skills can be taught. The attitude of every team member is really important. We are all asked for our input when hiring a new team member and each recruit needs to ‘fit’ with the team.

Our projects – We are all working on projects that are breaking new ground, are exciting and important. We look forward to seeing the Rainbird platform grow and get more powerful with the time and effort we invest in it. It’s great to be working on something new that could be a real game changer. The field of AI is gathering momentum in a big way. Who knows what Rainbird will be capable of in 5 years…?

The culture¬†– As Chris says: ‘I enjoy working here and feel confident when expressing an idea, whether it’s about our projects, the office or even just where we should go on a Friday.¬†The environment here is so supportive and collaborative that even if your idea isn’t perfect, rather than get picked apart, it gets built up and made stronger’.

Friday breakfast or lunches¬†– right from the beginning of Rainbird we have always gone out for lunch as a team on a Friday. Everyone has a chance to suggest where we go. If you’re new or it’s your birthday, you get first pick! Some weeks we stay at the office and get takeaway (the team is getting quite big now!) but the tradition of having a relaxed chat over Friday breakfast or lunch continues. It keeps us aligned and ensures we don’t release a new build of Rainbird on a weekend.

Working together – on the new office, on Rainbird itself – everything feels like a real group effort.

Local – Rainbird is a home grown, local company. Despite our increasingly international reach, we are very proud to be a part of the exciting tech scene in Norwich, and now London.

Flexibility and trust – We are all trusted to put the hours in and get the work done, but there are no set hours, clocking-in or time-sheets. Creativity and efficiency aren’t constrained to the 9-5, so neither are we. If we are not feeling productive, we go home, or go for a walk and then get back at it when we’re feeling refreshed and productive.

Sunday nights – For some of us, getting to 6pm on a Sunday night used to trigger that sinking feeling. It is wonderful to not dread Monday mornings.