Pseudo-AI: Why not use the real thing?

16 July 2018


According to a recent Guardian piece on the West Coast tech scene, a large number of startups have allegedly discovered that human labour is cheaper and easier than building or implementing AI technology. Better yet, they’re employing people to do intensive manual labour, styling themselves as AI companies, and keeping it all a secret from their investors. The result is like a restored vintage car: on the outside, it’s shiny, and new, and fashioning the ‘AI’ epithet; on the inside, it’s outdated and unsustainable.

VAR the examplar: how technology can help people clear the ‘noise’ around decision-making

29 June 2018


Picture the scene: We’re in the 91st minute of Germany vs South Korea. The game is locked at 0-0. With the World Cup champions needing a win to stay in the competition, South Korea score – but the goal is flagged for offside.

CEO Ben Taylor features on cover of this month’s CIOReview

12 April 2018

“As automation continues to sit at the top of every CIO’s agenda, and as RPA continues to show its limitations, it is clear that Rainbird’s automated decision-making platform is becoming a smart strategic choice. Rainbird undoubtedly heralds a step change for any enterprise choosing to take advantage of its capabilities. “

A new OECD study on automation offers a dose of reality to the ‘humans vs machines’ narrative

If there’s one thing we should all have learnt from the 21st Century so far, it’s that sometimes the experts get it wrong.

In the face of GDPR, AI technologies that can explain their own rationale are the way forward

23 March 2018

Last weekend’s edition of the Sunday Times Magazine saw another contribution in a long line of commentary on the AI “black box” problem.