Advantage Wimbledon: SW19’s AI innovation shows how even the most traditional institutions can modernise

13 July 2018

With its all-white dress code, genteel atmosphere and quaint servings of strawberries and cream, Wimbledon has always seemed like an event existing somewhere in the past. But by installing AI into their broadcasting rooms, the All England Club have leapt into the future: they’re using cutting-edge AI technology to personalise the spectator experience with curated ‘MyWimbledon’ pages for each viewer, and to maximise performance data and footage.

VAR the examplar: how technology can help people clear the ‘noise’ around decision-making

29 June 2018


Picture the scene: We’re in the 91st minute of Germany vs South Korea. The game is locked at 0-0. With the World Cup champions needing a win to stay in the competition, South Korea score – but the goal is flagged for offside.

The problem with explainable AI… is excuses, excuses

15 June 2018

Rudina Seseri, the founder of Glasswing Ventures, makes some interesting arguments on ‘the problem with explainable AI’ in her latest article on TechCrunch. However I can’t help but fundamentally disagree with the article’s closing remark that putting such a premium on transparency sets too high a burden for the AI industry.

The fraudsters have stolen a march – use ‘expert-down’ automated decisioning to get a step ahead

21 February 2018

Nothing beats human understanding when trying to investigate complex fraud cases, and this understanding is exactly what Rainbird allows you to scale.

Omnichannel and risk protection: a delicate balancing act

The ability of organisations to reduce the impact of fraud with their current technology is compromised by some major shifts in the market brought about by the rising expectation of customers, and the pace of new omnichannel experiences.