Matt Buskell writes for VentureBeat: When will AI out-perform humans?

Friday 23 June 2017


Rainbird’s Head of Customer and Partner Engagement, Matt Buskell, has contributed an article to VentureBeat. In it, he looks at new research from Yale and Oxford universities.

Key findings from the research pointed toward a 50 percent chance that AI will outperform humans in every job in 45 years’ time.

Matt writes:

“When the internet came of age, I would tell anyone who asked, “Don’t do a job that can be put down a wire” — meaning, don’t train to do a job that someone on the other side of the world can do for half the price. But with AI, it’s no longer that simple, according to the survey.

This shift is worrying for two reasons: It’s going to happen relatively quickly, and most schools are ill-equipped to handle it. But before exploring the future of work, let’s dispel some myths and look at what won’t happen.”

Check out the full article over on VentureBeat.