We speak to Raconteur about how cognitive reasoning makes bots more intelligent

24 October 2016

Chairman James Duez speaks to Raconteur about how AI and cognitive reasoning can deliver new products and services

2016 AI Report : Machines are learning business

9 September 2016

CEO Ben Taylor discusses how AI is no longer a geeky research project – the technology is developing fast and is ready for adoption now.

Should there be a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)?

4 August 2016

1996 was an inflection point with technology, and 20 years later we are that same point again with AI, sometimes referred to as cognitive technologies.

Is Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence the Same Picture Taken by Different People?

6 July 2016

This week, Matt looks at how the technology industry as a whole is converging fast, and considers which businesses should act first.

The Benefits of AI for Business

6 June 2016

I am often asked how business will be transformed by Artificial Intelligence. Benefits can be delivered in three main areas.

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