Is AI just about Efficiency and Job Cuts?

21 January 2016

McKinsey contended that AI would impact the economy to the tune of $5-7 tr per annum, stripping up to 140m jobs from the economy by 2025.

Rainbird Book Review – Superintelligence, Nick Bostrom

28 October 2015

This post is the first of a semi-regular feature taking a brief look at the books Rainbirders are reading.

10 reasons why working at Rainbird is awesome

24 September 2015

So, recently I asked my fellow Rainbirders what the best bits are about working here, and they gave me so many answers I’ve had to condense them down to ten!

NLP is Hard

17 September 2015


One of the areas often associated with Artificial Intelligence is that of Natural Language Processing, or NLP. The ability to communicate and interact with a computer using normal language – in my case English.

Customer Experience is key

20 August 2015

Two of the key things that make a great customer experience are consistency and efficiency.

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