Pseudo-AI: Why not use the real thing?

16 July 2018


According to a recent Guardian piece on the West Coast tech scene, a large number of startups have allegedly discovered that human labour is cheaper and easier than building or implementing AI technology. Better yet, they’re employing people to do intensive manual labour, styling themselves as AI companies, and keeping it all a secret from their investors. The result is like a restored vintage car: on the outside, it’s shiny, and new, and fashioning the ‘AI’ epithet; on the inside, it’s outdated and unsustainable.

The problem with explainable AI… is excuses, excuses

15 June 2018

Rudina Seseri, the founder of Glasswing Ventures, makes some interesting arguments on ‘the problem with explainable AI’ in her latest article on TechCrunch. However I can’t help but fundamentally disagree with the article’s closing remark that putting such a premium on transparency sets too high a burden for the AI industry.

A new OECD study on automation offers a dose of reality to the ‘humans vs machines’ narrative

12 April 2018

If there’s one thing we should all have learnt from the 21st Century so far, it’s that sometimes the experts get it wrong.

One key way to fight the hidden cost of poor decisions

12 December 2017


Rainbird’s Head of Consultancy & Training Eleanor Brown addresses the decision-making challenges businesses face today, and offers a vital solution

Rainbird wins Tech Innovator of the year at the EDP Business Awards

3 November 2017

NORWICH Friday 3 November 2017: Rainbird wins Tech Innovator of the year at the EDP Business Awards.