Scrum Master

In brief:

Heron, Rainbird’s consulting partner, are recruiting an in-house development team which will be based within the Rainbird office.

About the role

The ScrumMaster does everything possible to help the team perform at their highest level. This involves removing any impediments to progress, facilitating meetings, and working with the product owner and our consultants to make sure the product backlog is in good shape and ready for the next sprint. The ScrumMaster is a key point of contact between the Consulting and Delivery Teams.

The Team supports Enterprise Clients in identifying their AI requirements by delivering best in class consultancy, which are then handed over to the development team to deliver bespoke solutions; from building complex Chatbot with NLP models, to developing Machine Learning models that are tested and validated with the client team and providing training and user support to Clients.

Our Aim:

To create business value and innovation which drives deeper customer relationships through tech agnostic thought leadership & world class delivery of AI technologies.


Norwich, Norfolk


Permanent Full Time

About the role

AI is surrounded by misconception and hype. Delivering AI solutions is fraught with complexity, uncertainty and risk. There is a shortage of experts who can support the understanding and delivery of these technologies.

We believe businesses can fundamentally better serve their customers and shareholders with experiences powered by the latest AI technologies.

We create business value and innovation which drives deeper customer relationships through tech agnostic thought leadership & world class delivery of AI technologies.


We do this by providing a number of services depending on where our clients are on their AI journey.

  • Packaged consulting services: We have designed a range of services that take us from an unclear or exploratory starting point to understanding AI technologies and the business suitability for our clients.
  • We have a number of partners that allows us to bring together technologies that have never been combined before, so rather than using a single tool to solve part of the problem, we are the specialists and integrators that tackle challenges holistically.
  • A large team of experts that can deliver end to end solutions: With consulting and development capabilities in a range of AI technologies and specialist knowledge of some of the leading tools, we are best placed to support AI initiatives.
  • We use a service design based approach in our hearts: We really mean it when we say the customer is at the centre of our solutions and we build that into new technologies.

Key Accountabilities

  • Guide and coach the team and organisation to follow Agile/Scrum practices
  • Be the champion for best practices within the development team and ensure the team follow them
  • Guide and coach the team to become self-organized and accountable
  • Run sprint ceremonies
  • Help the team meet higher levels of maturity
  • Improve transparency within the team
  • Remove impediments
  • Guide the team to find the right person within the organisation that can help them
  • Build a safe and trusting environment where conflicts can be managed in a healthy way without fear of blame
  • Be responsible for supporting and coaching the Product Owner on Agile/Scrum practices
  • Be a single point of contact between the Consulting team and the Development team.
  • Work with the Consulting team to incorporate experimentation with new technologies into sprints


Competitive salary with benefits.

The office has a relaxed atmosphere to promote individual thought and get the best out of the team.

Opportunity to work over an innovation sprint of 1-2 weeks, periodically, with freedom to work on anything related to the industry.


Experience, qualifications and certificates

  • Experienced in a Scrum Master role for at least two years for a software development team
  • Good skills and knowledge of facilitation, continuous improvement, empowerment, transparency and servant leadership
  • Knowledge of Agile approaches – Kanban, Scrum, XP, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience with Agile techniques – Automated Testing, User Stories, TDD, Continuous Integration, Testing, Pairing, Agile Games, etc.

We are looking for

  • Keen to help and be committed to working in a small team
  • Ability to think from a customer’s perspective and end user’s perspective
  • Adaptability to work on new projects and with new AI technologies
  • Open communication

How to apply

Interested in this role with us? Send us a copy of your CV and a covering letter explaining why you are the right person for the job and someone from the team will be in touch shortly after.

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