Rainbird Demos – Our retail banking chatbot

We showcase how Rainbird’s automated decisioning engine can use your expert knowledge to drive questions and make tailored recommendations, as well as provide an evidence tree to justify each of its decisions – a vital feature for regulated industries, and one which makes Rainbird stand out from the crowd.

Rainbird Demos – Banking: 1 – Introduction

Emma, a Rainbird Designer, introduces our bank account recommendation tool and tells
us how Rainbird provides decisions with fully traceable evidence trees – perfect for
meeting industry auditing obligations.

Rainbird Demos – Banking: 2 – Why use Rainbird?

The Rainbird team discuss why our platform is perfect for problem solving and complex
decision making in the banking industry and other regulated sectors.

Rainbird Demos – Banking: 3 – Rainbird Authoring Platform

Find out how you can capture your expert knowledge with the Rainbird Authoring Platform.
You don’t need to be a software engineer to build a Rainbird knowledge map – watch how…

Rainbird Demos – Banking: 4 – Interacting with Knowledge Maps

Rainbird understands the importance of testing solutions before they are exposed to
external users. By creating queries, Rainbird clients can easily put their knowledge map to
the test, providing reassurance and exploring the possibilities that Rainbird can realise.

Rainbird Demos – Banking: 5 – Publishing your Rainbird Solution

With Rainbird, you can rapidly publish your solution online, allowing clients to access your
tool and use it to diagnose issues, obtain advice, or solve problems. Rainbird’s simple online
chat interface makes for easy access to expert knowledge for clients or employees – all at
the click of a button.

Rainbird Demos – Banking: 6 – Chatbots with Rainbird

Rainbird’s open-architecture API allows you to make simple integrations that can open up
a whole world of different usage possibilities. In this video, see how our bank account
recommendation tool is integrated with Microsoft Cognitive Solutions and IBM Watson
to create powerful chatbots.






Try our banking chatbot agent for yourself…

More about this demo

How to use this demo

The purpose of the Hamilton demo is to recommend a bank account based on a full assessment of an individual’s requirements, and the associated costs of different account types.

Try asking these questions:

  • I need a new bank account
  • What account should I switch to?
  • How much can I save?
  • What would the Silver Account save me?
  • What accounts are available?
  • What features does an account have?
  • What overdraft facility does the Student Account have?
  • Which accounts provide phone insurance as a benefit?

Behind the scenes

An integration with IBM Watson’s Conversation API is being used to determine the intent of the users question after which Rainbird takes control.

The Rainbird Knowledge Map behind this chatbot contains information on many bank accounts including their features and costs. The map also contains rules that describes what is suitable for any specific individuals interests. By asking questions through this chatbot interface, Rainbird is seeking data so it can better determine what bank account might be the best match for any individual.

Although this demo is powered by a single Knowledge Map, it is capable of answering numerous questions and providing answers in the context of each individual users circumstances.