Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.

The Rainbird Partnership programme is suited to organisations who want to use AI and automation technologies in the provision of solutions to their clients. There are three classifications of partner.

Software solutions company

Software, app and chatbot developers can generate new revenues through the development and sale of cognitive solutions.

Rainbird is an ideal platform for modelling human logic and reasoning, and can be rapidly integrated with numerous data sources and other AI technologies including IBM Watson.

A partnership with Rainbird opens up opportunities to differentiate your offering and cost-effectively deliver a wide range of products and services, driving new revenues.

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Consulting firm

Rainbird is an invaluable tool in any consulting company’s AI toolbox. It’s easy to use interface and open architecture make it a perfect solution for modelling any human decision-making process that requires an audit trail for each judgement.

Rainbird and can pull data from multiple internal systems and is capable of making judgements in the face of conflicting or missing data, even if that judgement is to defer to a human.

Rainbird’s authoring environment opens up new opportunities for consultants and their clients to collaborate together.

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Innovation broker

Innovation brokers play an important role in the innovation ecosystem, by advising and supporting enterprise when engaging with new technologies.

Rainbird is clearly differentiated from both machine learning and other rules-based technologies and yet it is completely compatible with wide the breadth of other AI solutions in the market.

Rainbird is a powerful technology that innovation brokers should have in their stable. Support your clients in delivering powerful, nuanced cognitive systems to transform back office and front office efficiency.

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If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Rainbird, the best way to get started is to apply to become a Rainbird Member.

This is free of charge and enables us to engage in a dialogue about how we might work together. Rainbird Members also get access to key resources on our Rainbird Portal, access to a Rainbird sandbox and regular weekly hack sessions. You can apply now to get started.

A full Rainbird Accredited Partnership includes full training and accreditation of your team and greater resources including access to Rainbird Enterprise, our consultants and our full Rainbird Portal.