Rainbird is an award winning Artificial Intelligence platform that makes your business operations smarter.

Rainbird enables businesses to automate knowledge work and augment humans in more complex tasks, delivering efficient operations and innovating new products and services. It is a complete platform that enables any organisation to build solutions that transform their business.

Clients have a choice of working with our solutions arm Heron, one of our accredited partners or by building an internal capability where we provide full training via the Rainbird University programme.

The Rainbird platform is generally provided as a fully hosted and supported Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, but can be deployed behind your own firewall when required.

Rainbird is designed for business people, not just software developers, putting the expert central to the knowledge encoding process. Its visual interface enables the operational experts to model the logic and rules that drive good decision-making.

This leaves more technical people the simpler task of optionally integrating this model with external data sources and where required, other systems. This is all facilitated by our open architecture, comprehensive documentation and support services.

Unlike other AI technologies, Rainbird can provide a rationale for every judgement it makes, making it the automated decisioning engine of choice for those in banking, financial services, insurance, legal, and health – satisfying both customers and regulators.


Gain a high-level business understanding of Rainbird, including the types of problems it can solve, and how it is differentiated from other technologies in the AI landscape.

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Key features

Get into the detail. Rainbird is packed with powerful features to help you transform the operational efficiency of your business and innovate new products and services.

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Rainbird is licensed under a subscription agreement, granting the rights to use the platform commercially within your business and in your products, with full support.

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AI, but not a black box

Rainbird makes complex judgements based on big data, but can also explain ‘why’. This is because its automated decisioning engine takes human rules and combines it with this data when making judgements.

The result is an audit trail for every decision made, satisfying customers and regulators, something pure machine learning cannot do.

Rainbird is a decision-making technology, capable of learning when making decisions, which it can explain in English.

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