Rainbird is the platform I've waited twenty years for...

Rainbird is a single product made up of two main components. The Rainbird Authoring Platform (the builder) and the Rainbird Automated Decisioning Engine (the runtime).

Rainbird Authoring Platform (Builder)

This is the interface for developing Knowledge Maps. Knowledge Maps are structures of human knowledge that describe your business logic, including the rules by which judgements should be made. Each Knowledge Map can also include connections to multiple external data stores.

We provide training in how to use this authoring environment and provide example Knowledge Maps that serve as templates, case studies and tutorials.

Rainbird Automated Decisioning Engine (Runtime)

This is the run-time powerhouse responsible for operating the systems designed in the Rainbird Authoring Platform. It can handle numerous concurrent queries made by users, whether via web assistants, chatbots, apps, or other worker applications.

Visual User Interface

Rainbird includes a visual modelling interface that enables experts to literally draw the things that are key to the business. Add concepts, relationships, facts and rules and see a Knowledge Map take shape.

This is no decision tree as this model need not be limited to solving a specific problem.

Rainbird helps you actually model all relevant aspects of your business world, resulting in a repository of knowledge which is highly scaleable and flexible enough to solve multiple problems.

RBLang – An Intuitive Language

RBLang is Rainbird’s underlying knowledge representation language that is easy to learn and extremely powerful. Authors can choose to model their knowledge visually, switch to Rainbird’s in-line RBLang editor or toggle between the two interfaces.

RBLang includes a full range of mathematical operators, and easy connectors to external data sources and third-party APIs.

Giving access to RBLang also makes it easy to import structured knowledge from other formats enabling you to rapidly scale your Rainbird project.

Flexible Rule Engine

Rainbird enables you to define individual nuggets of knowledge as rules throughout your Knowledge Map. When solving queries, Rainbird joins the dots to deliver solutions.

Rules can also be ‘probabilistic’ where you can state how certain you are about the rule itself, and how salient individual conditions are.

This combination enables you to efficiently create exceptionally nuanced models that cope well with uncertainty and missing data.

After all, not everything is black and white.

Evidence Tree

In today’s compliance-driven world, you cannot automate important decision making without being able to articulate why a judgement was made.

Rainbird records and can articulate how every individual recommendation was made, including its certainty and every factor that went into making that decision, including where it sourced the data.

This ability to provide an audit trail for every decisions is a key differentiator between Rainbird and machine learning, making it ideally suited to regulated industries.

Open Architecture

Rainbird Knowledge Maps can be quickly connected to external data sources enabling it to reach out and grab the real-time data it needs to feed into an automated decision-making process.

They can also connect to any third-party API enabling your model to seamlessly integrate with other third party systems.

For example, build a credit scoring model that pulls client data from your CRM, data from external credit agencies and applies your own model of automated decision-making on top.

What you build in Rainbird you can also publish as an API for easy integration into other software.

‘One Click’ Publishing

Quickly publish a chatbot that anyone can use to diagnose problems, obtain advice or solve problems. You can embed a web agent in any website using a single line of code.

Controlled Learning Algorithms

Rainbird can be configured to learn in some areas, simply by being used, while simultaneously applying fixed logic elsewhere – where its more appropriate.

Linked Knowledge

Create semantic links between different Rainbird systems, to drive a more holistic view and even smarter decisions.

Contextual Interactions

When your users consult with Rainbird, it’s artificial intelligence engine ensures that subsequent questions are considered in context, just like human interactions.

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