Expert system technology – updated for the age of AI.

Rainbird is comprised of two components which are licensed individually. The Rainbird Authoring Platform (the builder) and the Rainbird Automated Decisioning Engine (the runtime).

The Rainbird Authoring Platform (Builder)

The Rainbird Authoring Platform comprises a suite of tools which are used to build and test systems. It is made available on a subscription, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis alongside the Rainbird Developer Programme which provides training and accreditation.

When working with Rainbird, organisations either put a project team on the programme (effectively creating an internal Rainbird Centre of Excellence) or work alongside a Rainbird Accredited Partner who can support them in their project.

Rainbird Automated Decisioning Engine (Runtime)

The Rainbird Automated Decisioning Engine is the runtime service responsible for powering completed projects when they have gone live. It is also made available on a subscription, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis*.

In addition to gaining rights to use the platform commercially, each subscription agreement also includes full technical support.

Operational Use License

Applicable where Rainbird is used operationally by either your staff or your customers on a non-chargeable basis. Examples include:

  • a compliance tool that enables back office staff to perform client due diligence checks
  • a chatbot that customers consult with to get technical or product support

Options include a fee ‘per user per annum’ or ‘per session’ subject to minimums. Enterprise-wide licenses are also available.

Fee-based License (OEM)

Applicable where Rainbird is powering a software solution or service associated with a sale on a chargeable basis. For example:

  • a chatbot that gives legal guidance or advice under a paid subscription
  • or tool that designs a tailor-made product that a customer subsequently purchases

A fee is charged per ‘session’ or ‘per successful’ sale’, i.e. a revenue share based on an agreed value equation.

Discounts are available for schools, universities and charities.

*On-premise licence options are also available.