Rainbird is the leading rules-based automated decisioning engine.

Rainbird is an award winning automated decisioning engine that can make predictions, recommendations or decisions, by reasoning over a model of human knowledge in the face of available data.

Rainbird enables a business expert to build a model of their knowledge as a knowledge map, a visual structure that describes the business environment, the rules that should contribute to decision-making and where required, links to external data sources that contain the data that needs to be judged.

Once complete, this model can be published and either queried directly via a chat interface, or integrated into other software to act as a sub-worker application, capable of making complex nuanced decisions.

Typically, those seeking to work with AI technologies are trying to analyse data for hidden patterns, find more efficient ways of getting work done or innovate new products and services.

Analysis (turn insights into action)

Rainbird is a powerful AI platform that can learn from data and deliver insights, but it is not a pure machine learning technology.

It is often used to provide a layer of human reasoning on top of machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning is a black-box process which requires lots of tagged data and data scientists to interpret.

Layering Rainbird over the top transforms this into a solution that cannot just find insights, but make solid decisions – by incorporating the machine learning outcome as one data point in a process that also includes human reasoning.

Efficiency (get more done for less)

Any process that can be defined as rules can be automated. Decision trees are the simplest manifestation of AI but are suited only to very simple process. They are also expensive to maintain and do not scale.

Rainbird is capable of automating complex decisions because it joins the dots between individual nuggets of human logic, testing out the data at hand.

Full automation is possible where Rainbird has access to all the data it needs. Where Rainbird needs more data, it can just ask. You then have a tool which significantly augments humans in their work, usually presented as a consultative chatbot. The best of both worlds.

Innovation (make products and services)

Rainbird is being used to create entirely new products and services including those where the solutions themselves are individually tailored to the customer’s needs. This sort of innovation, where the smallest number is one, is only cost-effective using AI.

Rainbird’s ability to provide a rationale for each judgment means it can also provide automated guidance and advice, complete with a written explanation of how it came to each conclusion.

Clients are using Rainbird to deliver consultative chatbots, discoverable by Google, to engage prospective clients in an automated, consultative process.

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Rainbird was created in response to a market need for an AI platform that:

  • is accessible to business people, not just software engineers, so experts can encode their own logic.
  • works for audit and compliance teams, where a black-box approach won’t do and evidence of all automated decisions is accessible.
  • easily integrates into multiple external data sources and other AI technologies, sometimes acting as the glue that binds legacy systems together.

Rainbird enables you to build any system that performs human-like decision-making resulting in greater efficiency, increased quality and potentially – new products and services.

This includes consultative systems that transform the way your staff and customers interact with each other.

Rainbird is at the forefront of knowledge-work automation technology and a powerful ecosystem for re-engineering the work your staff perform.

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