Rainbird: Easy integrations

Rainbird makes integration easy – with its open-architecture API, our platform can integrate with multiple interfaces and solutions seamlessly.

In the following videos, we demonstrate exactly what can be achieved when Rainbird is integrated with Amazon Echo, Google Chrome and Pepper the Robot.

Amazon Echo

Here, Rainbird’s automated decisioning engine is seamlessly integrated with the Amazon Echo and its intelligent voice assistant, Alexa, using our open-architecture API.

With no changes to your original knowledge map necessary, Rainbird’s intelligent decision making can be rapidly integrated with Echo to allow a whole new method of natural language interaction, creating a winning combination in customer service.

In this example, Rainbird is being used to offer tailored bank account recommendations, combining inputted expert knowledge with user responses.

See the simplicity for yourself…

Google Chrome Extension

Integrating Rainbird with your browser as an extension is an easy way to enhance your web browsing experience. In this simple example, Rainbird’s decisioning engine works dynamically, identifying animal-based ingredients in recipes and suggesting smart, vegan alternatives – all in real-time as you browse.  

By adding in a few simple rules from a seasoned chef, Rainbird can review recipes holistically – considering this expert knowledge of classic flavour combinations, and even the individual user’s own taste preferences, to make smart recommendations.

Have a look what you can create, using just one clever ingredient – Rainbird…

Pepper the Robot

Business delegates at Hong Kong’s 2017 AI Summit were lining up to see our latest Rainbird integration, Pepper the Robot – a SoftBank product, integrated with the help of WinWin.

Through Pepper’s engaging interface, Rainbird’s automated decisioning engine quizzed users to find out more about their preferences. By combining these responses with external data about the weather and time of day, as well as its existing expertise about cocktails, Rainbird was able to provide accurate, personalised drink recommendations.

This seasoned advice, delivered by Pepper, demonstrates exactly why Rainbird is the ideal solution to power innovative and engaging customer service interactions.

Watch Pepper hard at work delivering Rainbird’s intelligent decisions, here: