How is AI and knowledge work technology transforming customer contact?

27 May 2015

Knowledge work tools can reduce costs by helping organisations be more efficient, but that’s not the whole story.

What is knowledge work automation?

22 May 2015

It has been predicted that knowledge work automation will be the most significant disruptive technology to influence the world over the next 10 years, second only to the addition of 2-3 billion new mobile internet users by 2025.

Ask Rainbird: Do you think that Asimov’s Three laws of Robotics should apply and be enforced in AI?

15 May 2015

Recently we’ve been running #AskRainbird, where we’ve asked our users for interesting questions for us to answer.

Rainbird to pitch to 10 Downing Street

17 February 2015

Artificial Intelligence company Rainbird has been called to 10 Downing Street this Friday to showcase it’s ground-breaking technology.

From Mind Mapping to Knowledge Mapping

29 January 2015

Mind-mapping software is now extremely common and in use across the world. However, there are some frustrating limitations with mind-mapping.