Rainbird’s mission is to create automation superheroes capable of transforming their organisations

And we’re achieving it by providing the de facto intelligent automation platform for scaling knowledge and automating human decision-making.

The problem we solve

Organisations that want a trustworthy way to automate complex processes face limitations with current technologies: simple process automation technologies (including RPA) can’t handle complexity and don’t scale well, and machine learning isn’t interpretable and needs a copious amount of clean, bias-free data.

How we solve it

Rainbird enables organisations to increase efficiency, improve customer experience and generate new revenues. It embeds your experts’ knowledge into intelligent automation solutions, so you can scale and accelerate your RPA and automate complex decision-making.

The company

Rainbird Technologies was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur CEO James Duez and computer scientist CTO Ben Taylor. Since then, the company has been trusted by the world’s top organisations—from the Big Four to global banks, and governments to the NHS.

Rainbird’s executive team

James Duez

CEO, Co-Founder

James is a results-driven strategist, with nearly 30 years of experience building highly successful and disruptive tech companies. James is recognised as one of Grant Thornton’s “Faces of a Vibrant Economy” and a contributor to Forbes Technology Council. He has also been entrusted to advise state departments, including the UK Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense.

Ben Taylor

CTO, Co-Founder

Ben is the driving force behind the fusion of human expertise and automated decision-making. A former Adobe computer scientist, Ben is passionate about solving complex challenges with innovative technologies. Before co-founding Rainbird, he led the technical development of an award-winning AI system that revolutionised the motor insurance industry. Ben is an active member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.

Johan Neethling

Chief Financial Officer

Johan leads Rainbird’s financial activities. He has over 15 years of experience in finance and commerce, previously working in finance management roles at Acteon Group Ltd and BAT. Johan is also an entrepreneur, co-founding a pioneering clean-tech start-up and a financial strategy and planning specialist. He holds a BSc in Business Management from the University of East Anglia and is a Fellow member of the ICAEW and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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