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Executive Team

It was 2013 when Rainbird made the transition from vision into reality.

AI technology was beginning to make waves in business, but most organisations were still stuck in the old world. This meant laborious office processes and slow customer service - challenges we intended to solve with technology designed for business people. We recognised the need for a transparent, easy-to-use AI-powered platform that could capture and maximise the knowledge of industry experts.

So we created Rainbird.

We’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings -
and we’re excited for what the future holds.
  • James Duez
  • Executive Chairman
A fountain of business knowledge and accomplished technology innovator, James has led strategy and operations, software engineering and business development functions in a wide variety of industries.

He is an experienced entrepreneur and prolific investor who has co-founded and exited a number of highly successful and disruptive tech companies over the last 20 years.

His portfolio includes work with both Global 250 and Global 500 organisations, and advising state departments including the Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense.

As co-founder of Rainbird Technologies and Executive Chairman, James combines his deep business intelligence, strategic vision and extensive knowledge of multiple industries and markets to identify unique opportunities for growth.

  • Ben Taylor
  • CEO
An authority on artificial intelligence – with an encyclopaedic knowledge of its past and present – Ben is passionate about solving complex challenges through the use of innovative technologies. Where some see problems, he sees solutions.

Earlier in his career, while Director of Technology at a motor insurance start-up, he led the technical development of an award-winning AI system that revolutionised the motor insurance industry.

As the co-founder and CEO of Rainbird Technologies, Ben is the driving force behind the fusion of human expertise and automated decision-making. He continues to push the boundaries of the platform’s capabilities, enhancing and developing it to serve a variety of data-driven processes.

He holds a degree in artificial intelligence from the University of Sussex and is an active member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI).
  • James Loft
  • Chief Operations Officer
A man with his finger on the pulse of an ever-evolving marketplace, James is always looking ahead to the next ‘game-changing’ advancement in artificial intelligence.

His mission: to demystify the world of ‘Applied AI’ for organisations and users alike.

With a history in innovation and service design – he previously led an artificial intelligence consultancy firm that helped companies develop AI tools to fit their business needs – he possesses an in-depth understanding of the possibilities of the technology and the key part it will play in the future of industry.

In his role as Chief Operations Officer, James is responsible for the daily business operations of the company.

A knowledge management graduate from Loughborough University, he advocates an MVP-style approach to new technology that is designed to deliver the best results in the smartest way.

Leadership Team

  • Nisha Deo
  • Head of Communications
With nearly 10 years of experience in integrated strategic communications, Nisha has helped companies and leaders from across the globe drive change through storytelling. She started her career in the Silicon Valley building communications campaigns for Altec Lansing and Plantronics, before joining Intel Corporation where she led initiatives to expand the reach of technology in the education and healthcare sectors. Her subsequent work across the healthcare industry took her to Switzerland and then London, before Nisha shifted her energies to learning more about International policy and Artificial Intelligence. She has a bachelors in Political Science from Purdue University, a Masters in International Relations from Harvard University, and a certificate in Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She continues her academic endeavours as a Harvard teaching fellow for the institution's International Relations division. Nisha now calls London her home but her “across the pond” accent gives her away as Rainbird's resident American.
  • James Florence
  • Head of Implementation
Former military man James Florence heads up the Implementation team at Rainbird. James’ military background is reflected in his rigorous approach to projects and his natural leadership skills, after 14 years working in operations and project management for the British Army. Upon leaving the forces, James has delivered Global SaaS solutions, coupled with professional services, for major multinational organisations in the Financial, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical and Retail industries.
A leader by example, James is well-versed in coordinating small and large-scale efforts towards digital solutions. He’s also a constant learner, having found time in recent years to study for an Open University BSc in ICT and Business.
  • Freddie Coventry
  • Head of Sales
Sales Director Freddie sits at the helm of Rainbird’s cross-industry engagement, strategically handling our sales team’s forays into ever-expanding target markets. Freddie boasts over a decade of sales experience, delivering strategic plans and accruing a sparkling sales record along the way, and culminating in his co-founding of a global sales agency. Turning his attentions to the AI and automation space, Freddie now applies his leadership and tactical nous to Rainbird’s global outlook.

If you’re thinking these qualities sound applicable to the world of rugby, you’d be right: Freddie was part of the UWE Bristol Rugby First XV, before going on to deliver year-on-year growth for the sport as corporate sales manager for Rugby Football Union.