Automate decisioning

Automating human-intensive decision processes is key to increasing efficiency, improving customer experience and generating new revenues. Use Rainbird’s intelligent automation platform to go beyond the limitations of current technologies.


Automate complex processes

In Rainbird, no use case is too complex. Automate complex human-intensive decision processes that RPA and simple process automation can’t handle.

Allow business teams to own business logic

Rainbird is no-code, so you can reduce maintenance by enabling business teams to own and update their business logic via a visual interface, called Rainbird Studio.

Guarantee trust and intepretability

Rainbird provides a full rationale for every automated decision, which serves as an audit trail for stakeholders.

See a return on investment, faster

Rainbird’s visual interface enables rapid authoring. Its powerful worklow and connectivity tools enable the quick deployment of end-to-end intelligent automation solutions.

Scale across your organisation

Rainbird separates decision logic from process, so regardless of complexity, automations are easy to build, fast to run and a breeze to maintain.

Take your first step towards transforming your organisation with truly intelligent automation