We’re looking for gifted, creative and technical individuals to join us in our London and Norwich offices.

We encourage anybody with relevant experience and drive to contact us and explore joining a business that believes in advancing people and using the latest technologies to achieve our goals.

PostedRoleLocation Closing date
01/10/2019Front-end Developer - Full TimeNorwichDecember 20, 2019
15/11/2019Junior Front-End Developer - Full TimeNorwichDecember 20, 2019
28/11/2019Learning and Development Specialist - Full TimeNorwichDecember 20, 2019

Why work at Rainbird?

Total transparency

There are no secrets here. Our company is just as transparent as our technology. Everyone from our CEO down is kept in the loop about where we are with client projects, development, and all aspects of the business.

Flexibility and trust

Clock-ins and time-sheets don’t fly here. Creativity and efficiency aren’t constrained to 9-5, so neither are we. If we’re not feeling productive, we go home, we go for a walk and then we get back at it. You can’t force excellence.

Constant growth

We’re in the midst of acquiring new talent, new partners and new clients, and it’s exciting for everyone involved. Our business horizons are ever-expanding too, as we turn our focus to the US.

Right attitude

Skills are important too, of course, but skills can be taught. The attitude of every team member is all-important. We hire ambitious, action-oriented people with a thirst not just for success, but knowledge and growth.

Supportive culture

The environment is supportive and collaborative that even if your idea isn’t perfect, rather than get picked apart, it gets built up and made stronger


Whether it’s creating treatment programmes for musculoskeletal disorder patients or automating personalised legal advice, we’re all about making life better for customers and businesses alike


It’s a thrill to perch yourself on the precipice of change. To be part of the team that helped devise the world’s first-ever AI-brokered trade. Play an integral role in changing the business landscape as we know it


Trust us, it’s a gratifying experience. It’s what we get out of bed for. Client testimonials really hit the spot.

Work for us

Our core values

Customer focused
We are obsessed with delivering customer value and understand that like any relationship the quality depends on
honesty, trust, integrity and reciprocity.
We believe in nothing but the highest level of excellence in the work we produce and the service we provide to our clients.
Action orientated
We aren't afraid of hard work. We are disciplined and have a strong work ethic focused on progress and truly making a difference for businesses.
We love working together and believe in deep collaboration between our experts, employees and partners.
We are courageous individuals. We take risks, admit when we're wrong, and aren't afraid to ask for help when we need it.


Unit 7 Suna House, 65 Rivington Street,
London EC2A 3QQ, United Kingdom

T. 0800 612 2666


Seymour House, Muspole Street,
Norwich NR3 1DJ, United Kingdom

T. 0800 612 2666

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