1. London
    Unit 7 Suna House, 65 Rivington Street,
    London EC2A 3QQ, United Kingdom

    T. 0800 612 2666
    E. engage@rainbird.ai

  2. Norwich
    Seymour House, Muspole Street,
    Norwich NR3 1DJ, United Kingdom

    T. 0800 612 2666
    E. engage@rainbird.ai

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I want to know more about automated decision-making and your case studies
Please email or call us and we will talk you through how Rainbird is differentiated from the other solutions. We also have a number of informative resources including videos, podcasts and white papers.
I am looking for a Rainbird partner
No problem. Feel free to checkout our current list of partners. If you would like to chat with us about who is best suited to your project, or you think you want us to help you build an internal development capability, feel free to email or call us directly.
I am a journalist looking to write about Rainbird or AI
We are always happy to provide our opinion and contribute to editorials. Please email us or see our press kit for more information.
I am looking to work at Rainbird
To view our latest job openings and discover what it's like to work at Rainbird, visit our Careers page.
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