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Any financial services organisation can use Rainbird’s intelligent automation platform for credit decisioning. The result is revenue growth, cost-efficiency and a scalable, value-adding automated process.


A great strain exists between the operational and strategic departments of lenders. For too long this has resulted in frustrated customers dealing with impenetrable application forms. Risk judgements remain binary and the quality of human decision-making is highly variable. This often leads to a lack of scalability, transparency and trust.


Rainbird uses a lender’s organisational policy, combined with information provided by applicants, to make customer applications dynamic and conversational. Rainbird makes the best possible decision based on the risks in each application, while fully aligning with organisation-wide risk controls. Its automated decisions provide a full rationale, are fully scalable and are nuanced—even when an application falls into a grey area of risk. This enables each customer to receive an accurate, risk-weighted price and an efficient, transparent and personalised experience.


Rainbird provides accurate first-time application results, lowering the need for human intervention while offering greater transparency. It can seamlessly handle complex risk and underwriting factors so that lenders are always acting on the best data to deliver optimal decisions.

Lenders can strike a healthy balance between operational and strategic objectives by centralising underwriting policies and setting organisation-wide risk positions using Rainbird.

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