Intelligent automation for KYC

Intelligently automate standard and enhanced due diligence processes, on an ongoing basis

Intelligent Onboarding Automation Tool Details

  • Robotic process + intelligent automation
  • Low-code and pre-built

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    Explainable automation that makes you, customers and regulators happy

    Rainbird has partnered with Smart Automation to create an end-to-end Intelligent Onboarding tool. The tool replicates your firm’s best KYC decision-makers. It then uses their knowledge to automate complex KYC processes across the end-to-end client lifecycle.

    The result? You can simplify continuous risk monitoring of each customer, making the process faster and more accurate—all while retaining full transparency of the decisions you make.

    If you’d like to see how the Intelligent Onboarding tool can enhance your KYC processes, simply request access by completing the form on this page.