81% of UK businesses say a shortage of talent is the biggest hurdle to AI adoption

The adoption of AI and automation technologies in the UK is still being stunted by a lack of digital skills in businesses according to new Rainbird research.


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Every business has deep reserves of knowledge running through it - learn how knowledge sharing between colleagues, and timely application of this expertise is what can make your business more than the sum of its parts: https://t.co/iNzQzJEELJ #intelligentautomation

We’re looking for gifted, creative & technical individuals to join us in our London & Norwich offices. Peruse our careers page for our latest openings in #Operations and #SoftwareEngineering: https://t.co/opObLHtsuJ #jobopportunities #rainbird

L&D Knowledge Analyst Victoria Burroughes takes you through the benefits of becoming a Rainbird-accredited knowledge engineer. Now all you have to do is commence training! https://t.co/vSSzxtPiDN
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Staff from our Training and Knowledge Analyst teams recently spent a morning speaking with eager students from @TLevelDigital Thorpe St Andrew school about pursuing a career in tech & the benefits of working for a tech company. We hope to have spread inspiration to our future.

Having someone you can go to in your workplace can make all the difference when experiencing a mental health problem: https://t.co/uXIIf5vKyO #worldmentalhealthday #inyourcorner

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  • 15/09/2018
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