81% of UK businesses say a shortage of talent is the biggest hurdle to AI adoption

The adoption of AI and automation technologies in the UK is still being stunted by a lack of digital skills in businesses according to new Rainbird research.


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  • 06/07/2018
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  • 01/06/2018

Having someone you can go to in your workplace can make all the difference when experiencing a mental health problem: https://t.co/uXIIf5vKyO #worldmentalhealthday #inyourcorner

Find out how your business can weather new and changing #legislation with intelligent #automation in our next mini webinar. Register at: https://t.co/6fvB61VXeh #IA #Rainbird #webinar #professionalservices

Our CEO @jamesduez spoke to @FTAdviser on how automation could revolutionise the advice industry following the publication of our latest research this week.

How #automation could change the advice industry https://t.co/Y3ZCKSrME6 #AI // @RainbirdAI

The role of the adviser could become more “meaningful” under the emergence of automated services

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  • 01/05/2018
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  • 01/03/2018
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