Launch your intelligent automation project in 10 days or less

If your organisation is experiencing pressure beyond what its people can manage, use Rainbird to automate complex decisions that would normally rely on human judgement. With our rapid deployment model, you can launch your first automation project in just 10 days (or less).

Rainbird automates complex decision making at rates typically 100x faster and 25% more accurate, with full explainability.

How Rainbird’s rapid deployment model speeds up intelligent automation

1. Capture the expertise of specialists in days (not months), using our no-code visual editor

Using a visual modeller, create knowledge maps of the thought processes applied by subject matter experts in any field. Knowledge maps aren’t linear (like decision trees in robotic process automation) or opaque (like machine learning models). This means you can productise expertise and make it available at scale.

2. Get going without APIs, existing data or integrations—thanks to Rainbird’s out-of the-box interface

Pose questions or scenarios to Rainbird that align with the area of knowledge covered by your map. You can do this using Rainbird’s default conversational interface. Rainbird can collect the evidence/data it needs (where you have none) to answer questions, and provide answers with varying levels of certainty. This improves the accuracy of nuanced, high-volume decisions, like automated assessment of insurance claims.

3. Get explanations for answers and stay compliant

Ask Rainbird why it’s given you a particular answer and it will show an evidence tree of its reasoning, including all considered variables and the quantitative impact of each. This ensures you can comply with regulations and enjoy the full confidence of customers.

Proven case studies

Intelligent fraud protection

Bank support agent

Automated inter-dealer brokerage

Motor liability decisioning

Cognitive tax advice

Become a truly intelligent automation and decision-making organisation

Find out how Rainbird can ensure every decision in your organisation benefits from the required expertise.