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Any financial services organisation can use Rainbird’s intelligent automation platform to make fast, accurate and nuanced risk assessments for KYC and KYB onboarding at scale. The result is lower cost, higher-quality onboarding, with a centrally managed set of no-code rules that can be maintained by the business.


KYC and KYB processes mark the start of all customer relationships in financial services. They also mark the first opportunity financial services organisations have to mitigate risk. But current processes and technologies are not up to scratch.

The challenge of being a regulatory gatekeeper can be an operational sore spot. The management of risk can feel like a drag on writing new business, and there is a natural strain for data sources and the time to review the wider view of the issues.


Rainbird seamlessly orchestrates client due diligence (CDD) and enhanced due diligence (EDD), leveraging its non-linear engine to efficiently and accurately evaluate data, engage a human to answer questions where data is missing, and ultimately determine the appropriate outcome, risk level and a documented rationale. Expensive data sources are only called on when necessary ensuring cost efficiency. When rules change, Rainbird can automatically re-evaluate risk at scale and report any actions.  


Using Rainbird gives organisations the ability to:

  • Onboard at scale and in bulk, even in the face of missing or uncertain data, and leverage the best of human and machine
  • Automatically document outcomes (complete with an audit trail) for autonomous decisions
  • Have cases escalated to humans when intervention is required—without losing context

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