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Rainbird to help people go on COVID-safe holidays by launching AI competition

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
2 min read

After one of the wettest Mays since records began, many of us could do with a sunny holiday. 

There’s reason to be hopeful, with the UK government permitting international travel since 17 May and the EU agreeing to open its doors to vaccinated travellers. But, as recently as 26 May 2021, holiday firms and airlines have hit out at the UK government’s “utterly confusing travel guidance”. Figuring out where to go on holiday is difficult enough without having to wrangle ever-changing COVID rules. People and the travel industry need every boost they can get.

That’s why Rainbird has launched a competition inviting people to build an AI model that can recommend a fun, personalised, COVID-safe holiday to anyone. The person who builds the model that makes the most well-received recommendations will win an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and a virtual holiday experience. 

Anyone can enter the competition for free by joining the Rainbird Community. No coding experience is required, as Rainbird’s platform employs a visual editor that helps you design your model. The deadline for you to submit your model is 30 June 2021. Rainbird’s specialists will build their own COVID-safe holiday recommendation model, alongside the competition (although it will be ineligible to win), to guide competitors through the process. And that recommendation model will be released to the public for free once it’s done. 

Rainbird’s platform was used by the NHS to build models that automated COVID-19 risk assessments for frontline staff, and curb the spread of the pandemic. Top law firm, DAC Beachcroft, recently announced a partnership with Rainbird, to provide clients with AI-powered advice using the startup’s platform. The British startup also has a history of offering its technology to power challenges that further public good. For example, in partnership with EY and Rainbird, The Royal College of Art (RCA) tasked its students with designing AI-powered apps to offer financial advice to society’s most vulnerable.

Rainbird is launching the competition because it’s seen first-hand how its intelligent automation platform has helped large organisations weather the pandemic. Now, it wants to help the British public enjoy sunny weather with a clear conscience, using the same powerful technology. Since literally anyone can use Rainbird’s platform (it doesn’t require coding or AI credentials), the company figured it should open the competition up to anyone who wants to take part. 

To enter, you simply have to join the Rainbird Community, where there are simple instructions to get you started.

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