The truly intelligent way to scale and accelerate RPA

Rainbird Infer makes RPA faster and cheaper to build, maintain and execute. It manages all of your decision logic holistically, delivering exceptional efficiency and scalability—so you can break free from the constraints of linear process design without starting from scratch.

Accelerate RPA

Build and execute your RPA processes faster

Using Rainbird Infer enables you to get to value 100x faster while also accelerating execution at runtime.

Ensure every RPA digital worker is working cost-effectively

Rainbird Infer ensures that consumption of RPA digital workers is more efficient, saving you money.

Let business teams own their business logic

Business people can use the no-code Rainbird Studio to manage and accelerate business logic changes.

Tackle use cases impossible with RPA alone

Extend RPA’s reach and automate more complex decision-intensive processes not possible with RPA alone.

How your new rule management system will set you up for success

RPA without Rainbird Infer

RPA with Rainbird Infer

Take your first step towards transforming your organisation with truly intelligent automation