Banking & Finance

Rainbird helps financial organisations stay on top of evolving regulation, knowledge loss and lack of transparency by offering an intelligent automation platform that enables employees to capture, scale and maintain their business expertise.

Fraud identification

Connect human expertise to multiple datasources and APIs to calculate fraud risk andreduce false positives.

AML compliance

Replicate compliance officer logic, ensuring best-practice and reducing red-flags.

Credit decisioning

Scale the expertise of your best underwriters for greater accuracy and consistency in credit decision-making.

Customer onboarding

Standardise onboarding with a holistic view of the customer journey, avoiding repeated document requests or compliance breaches.

Our customer stories
Intelligent fraud detection

A major international credit card company needed to improve fraud detection, reduce the time it took to deal with false positives and improve their customer service.

Result: With the help of Rainbird, our intelligent automation technology reduced back-office processing costs for the company by 60%.

Our customer stories
Bank support

An international bank received thousands of enquiries every day, many of which relate to regular and recurring payments such as direct debits and standing orders.

Result: Rainbird built a tool that any employee could use to answer client questions and resolve problems with complex recurring payments.  The resulting chatbot has been deployed across the branch network and UK based contact centres, ensuring consistency of judgement across all areas of the business.

Our customer stories
Automated inter-dealer brokerage

AiX, a unique AI trading broker, approached Rainbird with an aim to transform the Inter Dealer Brokerage market by making trading simpler, more efficient, and more transparent.

Result: In a market in which the top three players have annual revenues in excess of $6.5bn, this Rainbird AI-powered automated trading tool attracts approximately 75% of IDB revenues, while reducing commission by more than 50%.

How Rainbird operates

Rainbird is an AI-powered automation platform that scales, augments, and enhances best practice decision-making.
The Editor
Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use The Editor - an easy-to-use modelling interface - to encode their business logic and create knowledge maps.
The Runtime
The Runtime is the brains behind the operation - the powerful decisioning engine that uses the models created in The Editor to automate decision-making. It is the engine that you will never see.
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