Banking & Finance

Banking is going online. The widespread modern consumer demand for seamless omnichannel experiences has engendered a widespread technological leap forward for financial institutions.

75% of consumers say that it’s important or extremely important to be able to easily switch between channels when interacting with their bank. Consumers want to be able to shop anywhere, anytime, regardless of their preferred means. To meet this demand, convenience is the mission of the day for banks everywhere.

Whether via building intelligent Rainbird-powered chatbots, or harnessing Rainbird to innovate new methods of online trading, businesses are ensuring they don’t miss out on this trend.

The boom in cryptocurrencies is changing the face of the financial sector as we know it, and Rainbird is being deployed in the engine room of that change: the Rainbird-powered AiX, an automated inter-dealer brokerage tool, recently completed the first-ever AI-brokered trade.

Our work in finance is evidence of the impact intelligent virtual assistants will have on the sector.

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