After years of relying on outdated practises, the legal sector is on the precipice of change. This is an industry in which oceans of time is taken up by exhaustive manual tasks - endless contracts and legislative documents to be reviewed. This is time that could be far better spent. A successful firms makes the most of its highly qualified, experienced professionals.

By automating the process of reviewing legislation and identifying customer needs, Rainbird is a tool that can allow lawyers to focus on doing what they do best: using their nous and know-how to offer a great customer service. It can also make this service more efficient and more affordable for clients.

With lawyers now pressed to handle ever larger amounts of data, digital assistance is required. A lawyer should be able to focus on maximising the irreplaceable legal skills they have acquired from years of dedication – higher-level tasks such as advising to clients, negotiating deals and appearing in court.

Case in point: The Modern Slavery Act. The legislation dictates that all obligated businesses must publish a ‘slavery and human trafficking statement’ for each financial year, placing pressure on organisations to organise their records at each financial year-end. By implementing Rainbird to consult with clients directly via a chat interface to assess their individual needs, we sought to relieve law firm Taylor Wessing of this pressure.

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