Professional Services

Future-proof your business for changing markets and oncoming regulation. Our technology is successfully used by professional services firms in the automation of tax advice, auditing and client onboarding.


Help auditors make the right call on complex tax judgements and audit matters. 

Rainbird can replicate how experts navigate tax legislation and determine tax liabilities with speed and consistency.


Rainbird provides assistance to tax advisors by understanding their intent via intelligent queries and automating recommendations for the best content to support their work.

Client onboarding

Standardise the process of onboarding individual and corporate clients to stay compliant; checking for exposure, rating for risk, screening for sanction list mentions and prompting additional verification or documentation requirements.

Our customer stories
Cognitive tax advice

Rainbird was engaged by a leading global accounting firm specialising in audit, tax, consulting, and financial services to develop a tool that successfully augments back-office workers when making complex tax judgements.

Result: We are working with the firm to build an internal Rainbird Centre of Excellence, enabling our client to rapidly build their own internal Rainbird projects. This build of a CoE will include working on real-world projects, delivering two new tools capable of augmenting the work of humans when advising clients on two new areas of tax legislation.

How Rainbird operates

Rainbird is an AI-powered automation platform that scales, augments, and enhances best practice decision-making.
The Studio
The Studio - an easy-to-use modelling interface - will encode your company's business logic and create knowledge maps.
The Reasoner
The Reasoner is the brains behind the operation - the powerful decisioning engine that uses the models created in The Studio to automate decision-making.
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