Use cases

Discover the value of Rainbird for your organisation

See your use case come to life. Our blueprints and accelerators help you recognise your use case and cut time to value. We guide every organisation through a series of workshops to ensure you get maximum value.

Use-case IA
  • Featured image for case study Case study

    Intelligent fraud detection

    Rainbird spent time with a credit card company’s fraud-prevention subject matter experts (SMEs) to create a Rainbird model that identifies fraud by replicating their best-practice methods, without relying on humans.
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  • credit decisioning featured image Use case

    Credit decisioning

    Improve first-time application results, lower the need for human intervention and handle complex risk and underwriting factors. All while staying transparent.
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  • fraud use case featured image Use case

    Fraud decisioning

    Increase fraud identification and reduce false positives—even beyond the capabilities of machine learning.
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  • kyc kyb use case featured image Use case

    KYC and KYB decisioning

    Make your KYC and KYB onboarding processes faster and more accurate, while remaining explainable and aligning with organisational and regulatory rules.
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See value faster

Blueprints are recurring project patterns that have been extracted and converted into use case agnostic project templates. Blueprints help us bring your vision to life and enables you to take advantage of our tried-and-tested solutions.


Product Eligibility

Product suitability

Decision Assistant

Audit Assessment

Problem Diagnosis

Liability Assessment

Next Best


Detail Output Creation

Pricing Strategy & Management

Financial Assessment



Retention Triggers

Revenue Assurance

Price Determination

Get started in Rainbird

Here’s how we take you from vision to production-ready in four stages.

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1. Identify

Under 2 weeks


  • Rapidly identify your pains and understand your business objectives
  • Understand why your existing process is important
  • Create a quick Rainbird Infer knowledge map to bring your vision to life
  • Create a clear plan


  • Join us in workshops
  • Start to see your vision come to life

2. Develop

Under 6 weeks


  • Engage your subject matter experts (SMEs) to build a comprehensive Rainbird Infer knowledge map
  • Develop a technical architecture
  • Devise a detailed roadmap with you


  • Join us in workshops
  • See your vision develop further

3. Validate

8-12 weeks


  • Build a production-ready pilot
  • Advance the Rainbird Infer knowledge map(s) with your SMEs
  • Advance technical build, system integrations and a change management process
  • Run a pilot and measure performance


  • Give feedback and collabroate with us
  • Get support managing and training your team

4. Grow



  • Help you launch your production-ready solution
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and Premium Studio Support
  • Advance training pathways to ensure you have internal support


  • See your solution in action and provide feedback
  • Ask for support when tweaking your solution

Discover your use case

Book a demo with us and talk to us about your vision or idea. We’ll listen to you, ask questions and tell you how we can support you.