The only way to responsibly meet NHS E&I’s requirement to risk assess all vulnerable staff is with an automated tool like ours.

On 24th June, NHS E&I mandated that all trusts perform occupational risk assessments of vulnerable NHS workers. Public Health England has also called for “accelerated development of culturally competent occupational risk assessment tools”.

We’ve developed such a tool with a SEQOHS-accredited NHS occupational health service. It is approved by a clinical safety review panel and being used by multiple NHS trusts.

NHS workers deserve a culturally competent, confidential assessment, without having to share their medical history with their manager or HR.

Simply fill out the form below to request access to the tool for your trust.

*NB* Please DO NOT use this page to request a personal risk assessment (we don’t offer those). The form on this page is for requesting access to our tool for your entire organisation.

Approved COVID risk assessment tool for the NHS