Explore our comprehensive collection of resources designed to help you get the most from Decision Intelligence. From insightful guides and white-papers to informative webinars and case studies, discover how Rainbird can transform your business with Explainable AI.

9 November, 2023 0 min read

Decision Intelligence Webinar

Rainbird is joined by the co-inventor of Decision Intelligence, Dr Lorien Pratt, as they discuss DI, trust in AI & fraud detection.
1 August, 2023 0 min read

Planet Process Webinar

Explore a new frontier of automation, where AI-powered solutions move beyond simple processes to tackle more complex challenges.
13 July, 2023 0 min read

The Hitchhikers Guide to AI

Join CEO James Duez as we dive deep into how Rainbird’s Trustworthy AI bridges the gap between Planet Data and Planet Process.
23 February, 2023 2 min read

New Rainbird Connector for UiPath

UiPath users can now access the Rainbird connector directly from the UiPath Marketplace. You can now make your RPA workflows work smarter, with Rainbird’s decision…
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