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    Truly Intelligent Automation Webinar

    Companies use robotic process automation (RPA) and traditional rules engines to automate simple tasks, but these technologies are strictly linear, do not scale well and are unable to replicate the complexity of human decision-making.
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    #Artificial Inteligence#Automation
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    Intro to the New Rainbird Webinar

    This webinar runs through major upgrades to the Rainbird platform, leading to a better user experience and easier access to key features—without coding.
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    #Artificial Inteligence#Automation
  • Fraud webinar preview image Webinar

    Fighting Fraud Using Intelligent Automation Webinar

    The vectors of attack being used by fraudsters are increasing in sophistication, complexity and velocity. The conditions under which banks and commercial institutions are supposed to detect fraud are also unforgiving—with constantly changing regulations, modes and volume of transaction(s), and customer expectations.
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    #Banking & Finance#Fraud
  • Blue Prism Rainbird Integration Webinar Image Webinar

    Blue Prism + Rainbird Integration Demo [Webinar]

    Blue Prism is a publicly listed market-leader, known for its enterprise-grade digital workers (or task and process automation bots). Rainbird’s multi-award winning platform connects a layer of intelligent decision-making to these bots, so “thinking” tasks can now be automated in synchronicity with “doing” tasks.
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