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rAutomated decision-making at scaleLearn moreain

AI-powered decision-making, crafted for the complexity of your business.

Rainbird is an AI-powered decision-making platform that allows businesses to replicate and scale their best workers.

With Rainbird you can streamline and simplify processes, reduce knowledge leakage, improve compliance and make consistent decisions at scale.

Executive Chairman James Duez introducing Rainbird to Enterprise
Executives at Swiftscale. London, November 2017.

Rainbird tackles some of the business world’s greatest challenges when scaling: efficiency, quality and consistency.

When making decisions at scale, the consequences of your staff making mistakes are huge, whether they are underwriting loans, settling insurance claims, or identifying fraud.

Rainbird is the pre-eminent platform that organisations are using to automate complex decision-making. The kind of decisions that have traditionally been reserved for humans.

Legal advice

Generate new revenues by creating tools that automatically consult with customers.

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Fraud in financial services

Bring all channels and decisions together in one place to enhance fraud detection.

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Complex accountancy judgements

Eliminate repetition to augment back-office workers and improve output.

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Fight the cost of inconsistent decision-making.

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Rainbird makes decisions like you do, only better.

Rainbird combines business logic and any available data to reason and make decisions, much like humans do.

But Rainbird is superior. It does not have bad days, it handles uncertainty and missing data better, and provides a documented rationale for every decision it makes.

Whether you use Rainbird to improve customer service, increase efficiency of your back-office, or drive innovation, the potential of consistent good-quality decisions is vast.

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Rainbird makes your whole team as good as your best.

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