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Automation is just the start. To differentiate your business you must also augment your best workers and innovate new solutions.

Rainbird is an award winning cognitive reasoning platform. It enables businesses to rapidly automate decision-making tasks and build tools that augment human workers in more complex operations.

Our clients are automating problem-solving, compliance checks, loan approvals, and even tailoring products to each individual customer – all at an enterprise scale.

By rapidly re-engineering expensive and complex processes, organisations can deliver unprecedented levels of operational efficiency.

But it’s not just about efficiency. Our clients are also innovating entirely new products and services, generating new revenues and gaining a competitive advantage.

Audited automated decisions

  • Incorporate real-time data into decision-making
  • Enable complex judgements to be made at scale
  • Satisfy regulators with an auditable rationale
  • Learn about your customers and their interests
  • Bespoke your products, services and support
  • Capture and retain critical business knowledge
  • Automate more of your support services
  • Augment your teams in highly complex tasks

Differentiate your business
Transform operational efficiency
Improve customer outcomes

Rainbird thinks like you do. When we solve problems, we do so by joining-the-dots in an intelligent way. We use the data we have available, and combine it with our existing knowledge – the rules we hold in our heads about what is and isn’t true.

Rainbird’s model of cognitive reasoning works in the same way. It is capable of navigating a knowledge structure modelled by experts themselves. This model can reference any number of connected data sources. Ask Rainbird a query and it will draw its own inferences, by exploring the available data, and sometimes by asking efficient questions.

Rainbird is even capable of answering questions not originally conceived by the author. It extends the expertise of your most experienced people to the entire organisation, through the creation of powerful decision support tools.

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Our clients are using Rainbird to differentiate themselves, by re-engineering operational processes and innovating entirely new products, services and interfaces with their customers.

International Law Firm

Rainbird is powering a chatbot currently consulting with a law firm’s clients. It is assessing the risk of each client coming under the scope of changing legislation. This is a process that previously took thousands of lawyer hours. As a result we are now building an internal Rainbird Centre of Excellence so the firm can create more tools, each of which has the potential to further increase their revenues.

Case studies

Major Retail Bank

Rainbird has been used to deliver a chatbot that branch staff can consult with when handling complex client problems with recurring payments. They can resolve over 100 issues quickly and consistently, and in the context of a customer’s own personal data and circumstances. The chatbot remembers everything about each customer’s journey and can provide an audit trail for each and every decision.

Case studies

International Consulting Firm

After a successful proof of concept augmenting back-office workers when making complex tax judgements, our client identified a number of further uses for Rainbird. As a result they have commissioned us to create a Rainbird Centre of Excellence. We are building an internal team capable of developing their own solutions, while we support them designing their first projects.

Case studies

AI, but not a black box

Rainbird makes complex judgements based on big data, but can also explain ‘why’. This is because its cognitive reasoning engine takes human rules and combines it with this data when making judgements.

The result is an audit trail for every decision made, satisfying customers and regulators, something pure machine learning cannot do.

Rainbird is a decision-making technology, capable of learning when making decisions, which it can explain in English.

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