8 March, 2023

Decision automation for Prior Authorization

If you are in the Healthcare industry, you will be familiar with Prior Authorization, discover the possibilities automation could have on your business.
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30 November, 2021

How to scale and accelerate your RPA

RPA processes are challenging to build and maintain at scale. Learn how Rainbird lets you scale and accelerate your RPA in a matter of hours.
12 October, 2021

A mini-guide to Rainbird V4

We’ve launched a new version of Rainbird that lets non-technical business users orchestrate intelligent automation workflows and connect them to Rainbird’s decision engine, without having to write a single line of code.
30 September, 2021

NHS Back to Work

Intelligent automation has helped the NHS responsibly welcome low-risk, essential staff into workspaces. Find out how it can do the same for you.
30 September, 2021

Managing ongoing KYC at scale eBook

Regulatory changes and competitive pressures have made ongoing KYC and AML mandatory. Learn how intelligent decision automation can make both a breeze.
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