About Us

Rainbird’s mission is to create automation superheroes that transform their organisations.

And we’re achieving it by providing the de facto decision automation platform for scaling knowledge and automating human decision-making.

The problem we solve

We understand that automating complex processes is a struggle. Traditional technologies can’t handle complexity and have limited ability to scale. 

We heard the calls to automate the impossible – and created Rainbird as the answer. Now we offer organisations the ability to harness the power of their best people, by unlocking expert human knowledge so it can be scaled across the business. 

How we solve it

Rainbird enables organisations to increase efficiency, improve customer experience, generate new revenues and stay ahead of the trend.  Our models enable you to embed your experts’ knowledge into decision intelligence solutions, so you can scale and accelerate your RPA and automate complex decision-making.

The company

Rainbird Technologies was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur CEO James Duez and computer scientist CTO Ben Taylor. Since then, the company has been trusted by the world’s top organisations – from the Big Four to global banks, and governments to the NHS.

With a vision to make cognitive reasoning technology more transparent, and automated decision-making more accessible, Rainbird was built on the twin foundations of sound business practice and innovative AI solutions.

Become a truly intelligent automation and decision-making organisation

Find out how Rainbird can ensure every decision in your organisation benefits from the required expertise.