The Platform

Rainbird is an AI-powered automation platform that is made up of two crucial parts:

The Studio
an easy-to-use modelling interface

The Reasoner
a powerful reasoning engine

The Reasoner

The Reasoner is the brains behind the operation, the powerful decisioning engine that uses the models created in The Studio to automate decision-making. It is the engine that you will never see.

Rainbird looks at what it knows before making a decision or recommendation. If the Reasoner doesn’t have all the data, or is unsure about something, it may ask the user a question (or series of questions). We refer to this process as the Match, Infer, or Ask (MIA) methodology.

It asks the fewest questions of the user that will result in the highest certainty output, while keeping the conversation as human-like as possible. It also manages concurrent queries made by users, whether via web assistants, chatbots, apps or other worker applications.

The Reasoner is either hosted as part of our enterprise cloud solution, in your own cloud or on-premise behind your firewalls. Rainbird is easy to deploy and manage in most data centres.

  1. 100%
  2. visibility of all decisions made by The Reasoner.

Key features

Rainbird is an AI-powered automated decision-making platform. It goes beyond other rules engines that can only make simple decisions, and limited 'black box' machine learning that can't explain - 'why'.
It can 'reason'

Rainbird’s flexible rule engine can cope with uncertainty and missing data by ‘connecting the dots’ to answer queries. It does this by enabling you to define individual nuggets of knowledge as rules throughout your Knowledge Map. These rules can express uncertainty; so you can state how convinced you are about the rule itself, and how salient individual conditions are. This combination enables you to efficiently create exceptionally nuanced models that can cope with the fact that life is rarely black and white.

It links knowledge

The platform drives smarter decision-making by enabling semantic links between different Rainbird knowledge maps. This enables you to 'join-up' previously siloed knowledge and deliver a more holistic and strategic system, capable of automating complex decisions.

It provides evidence

Rainbird provides an audit trail for every decision – which is a key differentiator to machine learning. In today’s compliance-driven world, you cannot automate important decision-making without being able to articulate why a judgement was made. Rainbird’s audit trail makes it an ideal choice for regulated industries. Rainbird can explain how every judgement has been reached, including its certainty and every factor that went into making that conclusion, as well as where it sourced the data it has assessed.

It interacts like a human

When your users consult with Rainbird, its artificial intelligence engine ensures that subsequent questions are considered in context, just like human interactions.

It is open architecture

Rainbird Knowledge Maps can be quickly connected to external data sources. This means you can reach out and grab the real-time data needed to feed into an automated decision-making process. It’s also simple to connect to any third-party API, enabling your model to seamlessly integrate with other third party systems. For example, you can build a credit scoring model that pulls client data from your CRM, data from external credit agencies and applies your own model of automated decision-making on top. What you build in Rainbird you can also publish as an API for easy integration into other software.

It has 'One click' publishing

So you can quickly publish a chatbot that anyone can use to diagnose problems, obtain advice or solve problems. You can also embed a web agent in any website using a single line of code.

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