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Rainbird partners with law firm DAC Beachcroft to power insurance claims triage tool

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
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International law firm DAC Beachcroft has selected Rainbird to power a new intelligent claims triage tool. Named AIDan, this tool will bolster the law firm’s insurer clients’ ability to sort potentially valuable recovery claims, unlocking greater returns and significantly reducing recovery timescales.

AIDan comes as DAC Beachcroft’s Innovations Lab seeks to build on the success of its award-winning BAIL tool, which, in collaboration with insurtech startup Automated Insurance Solutions and also powered by Rainbird, helps insurer clients quickly and accurately resolve liability in motor accidents.

Taking all the logic, ambiguity and rationality behind human-made decisions and combining it with data, Rainbird’s intelligent automation platform enables AIDan to increase the speed and accuracy with which decisions are made in the triage process—all while retaining full interpretability over those decisions.
James Duez, Rainbird CEO, said: “I am very excited by this partnership. DAC Beachcroft’s clients will truly benefit from the synthesis between the firm’s deep domain expertise and our intelligent automation technology.”

“Using technology as an enabler to enhance our services to our clients is crucial,” said Brian Pearse, Chief Operating Officer of DACB’s Claims Solutions Group. “The Rainbird platform augments the human element of decision making to increase speed, precision and quality.  It replicates the process for us and provides a full explanation about how it arrived at a decision, helping to support the decisions we take and equipping our teams with additional data-driven advice to take to our clients. We are very excited to explore how we can use this platform to help our clients find solutions to their problems.” 

“Our latest tool is all about finding a way to make technology deliver value for our clients,” said Peter Allchorne, Insurance partner and Head of DACB’s Innovations Lab. “By adopting further automation, we are helping our clients triage claims more quickly, saving them time and money by generating informed, automatic decisions about the viability of recoveries right from the start. This frees up capacity in their teams, and our teams, to focus on those recoveries that have the best prospects, increasing recovery speed and amount for insurers.”  

“AI-powered tools and solutions add another string to our innovation bow,” added Craig Dickson, CEO of DACB’s Claims Solutions Group. “The potential applications of the Rainbird platform are endless. We are looking at how we can further develop BAIL and AIDan to add even more functionality and adapt them for other uses. We also want to take this technology to our clients and work with them on co-created new solutions.”

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