Rainbird selected for Tech City UK’s Upscale 2018 programme

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
1 min read

Upscale is Tech City UK’s six month programme, which provides world-class advice and mentorship to some of the fastest-growing UK tech companies, from some of the UK’s most successful tech entrepreneurs and investors, including founders of Skype and LoveFilm.

The Upscale programme for 2018 represents companies from across a wide spectrum of sectors, and reflects the growing importance of certain areas like data analytics, fintech and cybersecurity.

Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK, said: “Upscale is an important programme because it is a crucial showcase for some of the UK’s most promising startups. This country is fortunate to have an amazing number of companies embarking on this journey, but we need to make sure that we keep supporting those who make the bold decision to start or grow a business here in the UK.”

Our co-founders, Ben Taylor and James Duez, said: “With such strong alumni, being selected for the Upscale 3.0 programme is a huge privilege. We are delighted that Rainbird has again been recognised as one of the most compelling scale-ups in the UK. A great start to what will be an amazing 2018, for us and our clients.”
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