Truly intelligent automation: beyond the limitations of RPA and machine learning
Broadcast on 22nd April 2020
4pm-5pm GMT
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Head of Marketing

Get your automation programme unstuck

Companies use robotic process automation (RPA) and traditional rules engines to automate simple tasks, but these technologies are strictly linear, do not scale well and are unable to replicate the complexity of human decision-making.

Machine learning requires massive amounts of clean data, time, data scientists, money, mammoth cloud operations and faith. The resulting algorithms are often ineffective and not interpretable (the so-called black box problem). Sound familiar? Then it’s time to learn about the decisioning layer of automation.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why progress on your automation project is plateauing
  • How to automate non-linear decisions and scenarios, without being a coder
  • How to keep an audit trail of all automated decisions and retain interpretability
  • How to increase the speed of automated decisions 100x and improve accuracy 25%
  • How to turn the expertise of your best employees into products from which the entire organisation and customers can benefit