Managing ongoing KYC at scale eBook

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Automated KYC eBook

How to stop siloed technologies from turning ongoing KYC into a never-ending nightmare.

While a know-your-customer (KYC) file is created for each client at the time of onboarding, its contents must be continually reviewed and updated throughout the customer life cycle, according to new anti-money laundering directives. But the complexity and number of scenarios that must be mitigated by KYC processes have also increased.

This comprehensive eBook will explain:

  • Why you should treat KYC as the new backbone of banking customer experience
  • How ‘point-to-point’ systems fracture the customer profile
  • How intelligent automation enables consistent, centralised and dynamic KYC processes
  • Nuanced and transparent approaches to managing the “maybe” pile of KYC cases
  • How to avoid the tradeoff between volume and accuracy

Managing ongoing KYC at scale eBook

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