We are focused on supporting our partners in delivering Rainbird solutions.

At Rainbird we are focused on building the best automated decisioning engine on the market, and supporting our clients and partners in working with this powerful technology.

Clients who would like us to build solutions in Rainbird typically work with our services arm Heron, or a Rainbird partner. Others will engage us to train an internal team to build a Centre of Excellence.

At Rainbird we support our partners and clients by focusing on:

  • Rainbird platform development
  • Training and accreditation
  • Rainbird consulting
  • Technical and project support

Find a partner

If you would like support in building an AI solution incorporating Rainbird’s automated decisioning capabilities, find out more about how our Accredited Partners can help.

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Become a partner

If you are a software, app or chatbot company interested in using Rainbird to power your client projects, learn more about becoming an Accredited Partner.

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