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Next Best Action

Identify the next best action for your customers

The next-best-action blueprint is a guide to efficiently building a Rainbird solution that identifies the optimal next best action. It can factor in customer preferences, business objectives and application of policy and regulations in order to make accurate product, service and application recommendations.

Rainbird empowers an organisation’s next-best-action capabilities to be customer-centric and real- time, while handling high volumes.

Automating next best action allows you to concurrently optimise every customer journey, selecting the best touch points to bring customers to a decision or resolution as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Use cases

Fraud Handling

Identify the most appropriate action to be taken once a potential fraud has been flagged in financial services.


Determine the best action to take with a customer no longer able to pay for their mortgage, ensuring the situation is handled commercially, sensitively and in a compliant way, leveraging a holistic digital understanding of each case.

Banking recoveries

Identify the best action to take when recovering a financial position, taking into account the current circumstances — determining the likelihood of further default and the factors that may lead to future improvement on the account.


  • Generate an automated, prioritised list of next best actions, each with a level of certainty and a full rationale.
  • Choose whether you automate the next action or keep a human-in-the-loop ensuring the most effective combination of human and machine intelligence.
  • Deliver increased efficiency and improved decision-making quality—even if you don’t have good historical data to leverage.
  • Easily extend your blueprint to consider other factors, like stock levels or availability issues, service level agreements or sales incentives—without raising an IT ticket.

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