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Product Eligibility & Suitability

Match eligible customers to the most suitable products

The product eligibility and suitability blueprint is a guide to efficiently building a Rainbird solution that matches products and services to appropriate customers (or customer groups), by factoring in their circumstances, needs and goals.

Rainbird enables fast and accurate product eligibility assessments and provides a full rationale for every decision. It means you’re able to make eligibility assessments based on a holistic view of a customer situation, rather than rely on traditional, reductive methods of assessment.

Automating product eligibility assessments enables hyper-personalisation at scale and ensures the right products are being sold via the right channels.

Use cases

Determine mortgage eligibility in light of forbearance

Assess a delinquent borrower’s ability to make mortgage payments after a forbearance period taking into account issues such as financial vulnerability.

Evaluate R&D tax credit eligibility

Evaluate whether a company is eligible for research and development tax credits and to what extent.

Assess customer suitability for lending products

Assess the ability of a customer to pay and the likelihood of them making regular loan repayments.

Match investment product to risk appetite

Assess if the investment product being sold matches a customer’s appetite for risk.

Compare patient needs to service capabilities

Match needs of a self-referred patient with the suitability of your service to determine whether you can and should help.


  • Delivers the most effective combination of human and machine intelligence, giving you the choice to fully automate triage or keep a human-in-the-loop.
  • Allows business teams to easily build and modify the criteria for product eligibility and suitability, without the need for IT involvement.
  • Rainbird’s inference engine looks holistically across all business logic and data, dynamically considering all factors that may be relevant to each assessment.
  • Ensure product eligibility decisions are the highest possible quality but also massively efficient.
  • Make all automated assessments easily traceable, explainable and auditable.

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