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Case Study

Data Permissions Navigation for a multi-award-winning global risk team

A multi-award-winning global risk team used Rainbird to power a new product for its client that assists in managing the use of personal data.


The global risk team makes complex decisions daily on behalf of its clients, making decisions about the seamless use of data permissions in complex situations that are often cross-border.

This challenging work is highly technical and requires meticulous examination of policy, legal and situational issues. To keep up with increasing demand, the team recognized that it needed technology to scale this capability.


Rainbird and the global risk team worked closely with legal departments to codify expertise on data permissions and the use of personal data into the Rainbird Decision Intelligence platform. The model considered many factors, such as the source of the data, legal restrictions, state or country of origin, use, and intent.

With this immensely powerful tool, the team was able to build an entire offering with an easy-to-use front end.


With help from Rainbird, the global risk team now forecasts access to mid-market opportunities in around 15 minutes where it used to take 2-3 months attracting dozens of new customers and millions in recurring revenue for the company.

And Rainbird was so quick to work with, the tool was developed 12 months faster than anticipated.

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