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Optimally assign resources to customer needs

The triage blueprint is a guide to efficiently building  a Rainbird solution that assesses customer needs  and assigns optimal resources.

Rainbird enables fast and accurate automated triage assessments, so you can assign appropriate resources to customer needs. It factors in all the elements important to customer assessments and resource assignments, regardless of complexity.

Automating triage reduces handling times, improves first contact resolution and ensures that urgent needs are prioritised optimally and consistently.

Use cases

Address customer needs

Handle recurrent customer service requests and automatically send them to the appropriate individual or team.

Manage workload spikes

Efficiently manage spikes in customer demand due to unexpected events or failures in service to deliver the best possible outcomes for customers.

Plan for cyclical variations in service demand

Handle monthly increases in customer billing queries or seasonal variations in inbound sales enquiries.

Prioritise patients in need

Assess patient needs thoroughly and rapidly pass to the appropriate specialist or department.

Triage incoming insurance claims

Ensure that incoming insurance claims are immediately assessed and put on the optimal pathway with the most appropriate claims handler.


  • Delivers the most effective combination of human and machine intelligence, giving you the choice to fully automate triage or keep a human-in-the-loop.
  • Makes it easy to extend and adapt your triage process without raising an IT ticket.
  • Helps your business work smarter by effectively managing surges in business demand by optimising responses to incoming request.
  • Delivers a measure of certainty and a full rationale for every triage decision made.

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