6 reasons why learning Rainbird is beneficial for your career

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
2 min read
  1. You’ll be a better consultant

Rainbird’s human-centric automation is a unique emerging technology in the industry, and understanding how it works is a huge advantage – both in being able to sell a Rainbird solution to your clients, but also through being the gate-keeper for a desirable commodity.

  1. You’ll improve your analytical skills

The skills needed to break down what we call ‘subject matter expertise’ for Rainbird involve understanding a set of human inferences that are not widely understood in the wider RPA (robotic process automation) landscape or by automation consultancies. The nature of the subject matter itself is also very different: whilst the data on which human judgements are based has long been available as subject matter, human judgements, and how those judgements are reached, has never been subject matter for automation before. We’ve even had clients tell us that the process of mapping out their business logic has forced them into the invaluable exercise of confronting, and re-evaluating, their own thinking.

  1. You’ll look at things differently

Traditionally, RPA technologies require that decisions are broken down into formalised logic, requiring the removal of nuance and complete, unambiguous datasets and processes for successful implementation. Before Rainbird, there was an industry standard possible for if-this-then-that process automation; now, authors in Rainbird learn to structure their reasoning, a skill that is completely unfamiliar to most solution consultants.

  1. You’ll be able to do business with clients that no one else can help

Successfully replicating human reasoning, instead of relying on a decision tree, is industry-changing. Applying a new technology to use cases that we’ve never been able to automate before, due to the multi-faceted nature of human inference, provides an undeniable competitive edge.

  1. You’ll be a sought-after resource.

Maintenance of this emerging strand of unique automated reasoning technology is going to be a sought-after and exceptionally rare skill – you can capitalise on your Rainbird understanding as knowledge maps proliferate in the RPA marketplace.

  1. You’ll be able to maximise other technologies more scalably.

Infrastructure in process flow automation is maturing, with big players like Blue Prism and PEGA expanding in the space. Learning Rainbird – the only technology that can tie together these embedded process flow systems in the same way as human reasoning currently does – is crucial in maximising these flow techs scalably. 

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