Blue Prism + Rainbird Integration Demo

Rainbird Technologies
Rainbird Technologies
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Game-changing combo of intelligent decision automation and RPA


  • Broadcast June 2020
  • 1pm GMT

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“Thinking” tasks automated in synchronicity with “doing” tasks

Blue Prism is a publicly listed market-leader, known for its enterprise-grade digital workers (or task and process automation bots). Rainbird’s multi-award winning platform connects a layer of intelligent decision-making to these bots, so “thinking” tasks can now be automated in synchronicity with “doing” tasks.

This webinar will cover:

  • An example fraud use case that’s tackled using the Rainbird + Blue Prism integration
  • How robotic process and decision automations combine to automate high-value tasks
  • How Rainbird knowledge maps (i.e. visual representations of domain knowledge) plug into decision trees
  • Examples of workflows that can be automated through this integration

Become a truly intelligent automation and decision-making organisation

Find out how Rainbird can ensure every decision in your organisation benefits from the required expertise.